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A leading photographer in Belfast; Johnson West Co offers a range of photography services including property shoots for Estate Agents, jewellery, food and product photography and aerial drone photos and video. Also take a look at our 360 VR photography!

Product photography is everywhere. Every time you shop online or look at a magazine– product photography is there. The vast majority of all purchases come from an emotional response, not a need. People buy things based on how that product will make them feel. So this tells you that moods and feelings are important. We can use this information in creating product photos and videos that viewers will find engaging. We use specific cameras, tripods and lightboxes to create product photos
for you that creates that emotional response from your customers to purchase from you.

Estate Agents….Need professional property photographs?  Johnson West Co can create stunning property photographs using HDR Photography, this is a technique where multiple bracketed images are blended together to create a single beautifully exposed photo! We can then supply these to Estate Agents or use them as part of our Estate Agent Video Tour Services complete with music and narration.

We can supply 360 Panorama photography allowing the viewer to look around the photo as if they were actually there, these can be placed on websites and on Facebook. These can also be used within our 360 VR tours. For more details on these check out this page.

As a leading photographer in Belfast and Northern Ireland wide, we have all the photography state of the art equipment at hand to ensure that you get the best quality photographs.  Make sure to check out some of our work on LinkedIn & Facebook.

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